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Île-de-France: will the navigo pass increase this year?

This is a subject that concerns Ile-de-France residents. After several years of freezing the prices of the Navigo pass, could it increase this year? The question arises, while Ile-de-France Mobilités has suffered significant losses since the start of the health crisis.

It is a promise from Valérie Pécresse: the price of the Navigo pass will not increase, set at 75.20 euros per month since 2017. But the president of the region and Ile-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) could change opinion during the year 2022. In any case, this is what certain users and user associations are considering, who would see it as an opportunity to improve the transport offer in the region.

An inevitable increase, according to the FNAUT

This is particularly the case of the Association of Transport Users in Ile-de-France (FNAUT), whose president Marc Pélissier explains that the context linked to the health crisis means that Ile-de-France Mobilités “needs additional revenue ”. And if, according to him, the hole in the cash registers cannot be filled only by users alone, it is all the same “probable” that “a part” falls to them.

“This is not a wish, but it is an observation in relation to the situation”, tempers Marc Pélissier, who assures that the measures put in place in recent years (Navigo Junior, Navigo Sénior and the next “tariff shield” ) – which the associations are “very favorable”, he underlines – still represent “a few tens of millions of euros in lost revenue every year”, not to mention the losses linked to Covid-19.

In this context, the associations do not say they are opposed to a “reasonable price increase” – of the order of 1 or 2% – if this improves the quality of service and develops the public transport offer of the region. “However, today, it is clear that this financial crisis weighs on the supply of transport”, adds Marc Pélissier, who just intends to “put the subject on the table”.

“The budget does not foresee an increase”, answers IDFM

Tariff increase forecasts denied by Ile-de-France Mobilités (IDFM), the organizing authority for public transport in Ile-de-France. “The budget was voted a month ago for the year 2022, and it does not provide for an increase”, explains one in the corridors of the institution.

“The provisional budget is only provisional,” nevertheless assures Marc Pélissier, who believes that “nothing prevents” IDFM from increasing the price of the Navigo pass during the year, if the institution decides. In addition, the budget is based, according to him, “on a little optimistic assumptions”, providing in particular “the resumption of frequentation” and “fairly optimistic travelers receipts”, and this, while it was “voted before Omicron And the government’s call for more teleworking.

“In any case, in the current state, IDFM is incapable of having a balanced budget if there is no new revenue during the year”, concludes the president of the FNAUT, who recalls that the State “does not have a very clear attitude” in accepting “a minimum aid”. And to hope that there is “a comprehensive state-region agreement” on this subject.

The public inquiry for the extension of line 1 must be launched.

As a reminder, Valérie Pécresse had indeed obtained from the State aid of 800 million euros for IDFM in 2021, while she claimed 1.3 billion euros. The president of the region and of IDFM then judged this aid “very insufficient in relation to the needs of the network”. Worse, according to forecasts, the mobility payment will not return to its pre-crisis level until 2024, according to the institution, which still forecasts a shortfall of 730 million euros in 2022.


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