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Inequalities: Emmanuel Macron defends his record in front of the players in the field

Emmanuel Macron opens this Thursday the congress of the Federation of Solidarity Actors (FAS), which brings together nearly 870 associations working to fight against inequalities and poverty.

The federation brings together accommodation centers for homeless people, social reintegration centers and structures for integration through economic activity. It supports 400,000 people across the country and employs some 60,000 professionals.

“It is an important partner of the State in the policy of fight against poverty carried out since 2017”, one entrusts to the Elysee Palace ahead of the congress, which Emmanuel Macron is to kick off at 2 p.m.

The event, which takes place over two days by videoconference, is an opportunity for the President of the Republic to defend his social record, four months before the presidential election.

An arsenal of measures, progress to be made

“Contrary to what one might fear, the health crisis has not turned into a social crisis”, welcomes an adviser to the president, referring to the policy of “whatever the cost”.

This afternoon, Emmanuel Macron will defend the measures put in place under his mandate to fight against inequalities, in particular those targeting children and young people: free breakfasts at school, doubling of classes, meals at 1 euro for children. students, “1 young person, 1 solution” scheme, youth engagement contract, etc.

The Elysee Palace also recognizes that progress remains to be made, in particular to increase the number of crèche places, to put an end to “dry outings” of social assistance for children and to improve the integration of RSA beneficiaries.

Hidalgo, Jadot and Roussel present

The FAS will then unveil its ideas for “Building a united future”, resulting from the experiences of the various associations in the field. Tomorrow, presidential candidates will be invited to discuss it. Among which Anne Hidalgo, Yannick Jadot and Fabien Roussel.

According to the FAS, poverty “is structural and is rooted in certain categories of the population, such as young people, single mothers or retirees”. The figures published in November by INSEE indicate that the Covid-19 crisis did not cause an explosion in the number of poor people in 2020, with a poverty rate that remained stable at 14.6% of the population. However, the organization conceded that “certain situations of poverty” may have “worsened”.

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