Monday, January 17

Kazakhstan: more than a thousand injured in the demonstrations

(Belga) More than a thousand people have been injured during the demonstrations and riots that have rocked Kazakhstan for several days, the Ministry of Health announced on public television.

“More than a thousand people have been injured as a result of riots in different regions of Kazakhstan, nearly 400 of them have been hospitalized and 62 people are in intensive care,” Deputy Minister Ajar Guiniat told the air. from the Khabar-24 channel and cited by the Interfax and TASS agencies. The riots also killed dozens of people, police said. The anger movement, which began on Sunday in the provinces due to a rise in gas prices, then spread to the country’s largest city, Almaty, where it turned into a riot, the demonstrators seizing administrative buildings and briefly the airport, while looting increased. Kazakhstani President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has so far failed to calm protests despite a concession on gas prices, resignation of the government and the establishment of a state of emergency and a curfew nocturnal in the country. “Last night, extremist forces attempted to storm administrative buildings, the Almaty city police department, as well as local departments and police stations,” the spokesman said. Saltanat Azirbek police, adding that an “anti-terrorist” operation was underway in one of the neighborhoods of Almaty. Against the backdrop of problems in the functioning of the internet, the spokesperson of the Central Bank Oljassa Ramazanova announced the suspension of the work of all financial institutions in the country. (Belga)

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