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New corona rules in the European Championships – Christian Berge apologizes to Denmark after late cancellation

EHF has turned and cut sharply in the quarantine period during the European Handball Championship. Now a player can return to the match only five days after a positive test. Christian Berge is positive about the news. The national team manager regrets that Norway withdrew late from the match against Denmark.

ONE WEEK AGAIN: Christian Berge’s national team opens the European Championship against Slovakia next Thursday.

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– I think that if people are healthy and able to test themselves out of it, then it is good that they get to play, says Christian Berge to VG.

The prerequisite for the European Handball Federation is that the person in question can refer to two negative PCR tests at least 24 hours apart in the championship itself. The Norwegian national team doctor Thomas Torgalsen confirms the information to VG.

There has been talk of up to 14 days quarantine for corona-infected players in the European Championships. Then in practice the championship will be over. Denmark’s goalkeeper, Jannick Green, tested positive on Monday.

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This led to Norway at 22.50 on Wednesday night withdrew from Thursday’s planned warm-up match against Denmark less than a day later.

The Danes’ sports manager, Morten Henriksen, is “completely upset” about the late message, according to Danish TV 2.

– We regret that it came a little late, says Berge who still sits “with a sense of understanding on the part of Denmark even though they blew out a little today”.

The decision was made after many discussions in the Norwegian squad. Both with the health team and the players. Sander Sagosen and between five and ten players have experience with corona. On Monday, Denmark goalkeeper Jannick Green tested positive.

– We made an assessment in relation to the risk of losing players into the European Championships with the quarantine rules that were. A very difficult situation with major consequences. The risk is present. It is not large, but we know that there is infection in the Danish squad. Both players and other coaches have experienced that it has taken four to five days before the infection has entered the team, explains Christian Berge, who has to do without key players in the upcoming European Championships:

Norway and Denmark have now made an agreement that they will play the agreed European Championship general test on Saturday if there are no positive tests in any of the teams.

National team doctor Thomas Torgalsen thinks it makes sense to cut down on the quarantine period for the European Championship players. Danmarks Green will now play in the European Championships next week if he tests negative both before leaving for the championship in Hungary and Slovakia and after arrival.

– I think it makes sense. This is not really a big medical problem in this age group with healthy people mostly in their 20s, sir Torgalsen to VG.

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The biggest Croatian stars, Domagoj Duvnjak and Luka Cindric, can now also reach the start of the European Championships after positive tests. Sweden, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia and France have also had one or more officially confirmed cases of infection before the start of the European Championships next Thursday.

In addition, Norway’s first European Championship opponent, Slovakia, has been hit by a corona case. Three close contacts have been quarantined. Thus also canceled the Slovaks Thursday’s private match against Austria in Vienna. The Slovak infection is unknown Berge.

– We can not do anything with the other teams. The most important thing for us is that we just keep doing our job and stick to the restrictions, he says.

But despite the cancellation, Berge is very happy a week before the European Championship opening against Slovakia in Kosice. The squad has been gathered since January 2.

– We have had the best collection in a very long time. Insanely good workouts. Good increase in the way you play. It goes faster and with greater pressure. The players are very focused, says the national team manager after the first days in Copenhagen.

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