Friday, January 28

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan: “the bill on the vaccination pass will not solve anything in terms of health”

Guest of the morning of CNEWS this Thursday, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, candidate of Debout France in the presidential election, returned to the adoption at first reading of the bill establishing the vaccination pass by the National Assembly. “This text will not solve anything in terms of health,” he said.

Denouncing the government’s “obsession” for the vaccine pass, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan believes that vaccination is not the solution to put an end to the epidemic, as the current circulation of the virus shows. While the contaminations records have been linked in recent weeks, against the backdrop of an outbreak of the Omicron variant, this “shows that with 90% of adults vaccinated, transmission is not prevented”, he emphasizes in this regard.

Health “no interest”

Because of the circulation of Omicron and its contagiousness, the candidate insists: “the vaccination pass has no interest”, since almost everyone should catch it.

“What is crazy is to say that in a democracy like France, we can vote in the middle of the night a text that will not solve anything on the health plan”, denounced Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, ensuring that the text will not only “target” the unvaccinated but also the “vaccinated who will not necessarily agree to have a dose every four months.”

The candidate of Debout la France also said he was convinced that the vaccination pass is in reality only a strategy of Emmanuel Macron aimed at diverting attention from his health record and the issues of the French for the election. presidential.

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