Sunday, January 16

Ozark, season 4: a trailer under very high tension

The first part of season 4 of “Ozark” will be available from January 21 on Netflix. And the new trailer that has just been released hints at a tense face-to-face between Ruth and the Byrdes.

“Don’t get killed!” Marty Byrde advises his former employee at the end of the trailer. A phrase that sounds like the mantra in this final season 4, where the cartel led by Omar Navarro will be more than ever hidden in the shadows. Ready to intervene to remove anyone who stands in its way, or threatens its interests.

Returning from their bloody escapade in Mexico, Marty and Wendy summon Darlene, Wyatt, and Ruth to dissuade them from relaunching heroin production. “We’re just messengers,” says Wendy. Omar can also be heard saying to Marty, “The greatest menance always comes from within,” followed by a close shot on his wife.

Season 4 of Ozark will consist of two parts of 7 episodes each. In an interview with the American site in May 2020, the showrunner of the series, Chris Mundy, had given some clues on the main plots of this final chapter.

“Season 4 will be all about whether or not Ruth can build something for her that is sustainable, or if she wants something else. And I think it will also be about the Byrde family, if they are able to turn the biggest mistake of their life to their advantage, and how much will their karma be remembered to their fondest memory if they are able to? He declared.

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