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Passenger drop-off for Norwegian

The airline carried approximately 70,000 fewer passengers in December than in November, according to recent traffic figures.


Norwegian carried 931,917 passengers in December, a decrease from approximately one million passengers the month before.

The company notes that the increase is “significant” compared to December 2020, when the coronavirus and restrictions affected the market. But the new virus variant omikron continues to characterize Norwegian this year as well.

– I am happy to state that we have met well with the planning and implementation of the route program for December, including the Christmas and New Year traffic which we know is very important for everyone who flies with us when they go home for Christmas, says Geir Karlsen , CEO of Norwegian.

– We also had to plan this Christmas and New Year weekend based on lower demand, and the filling level is good for December as well. At the same time, we naturally notice the effect of the omicron virus and new measures and restrictions at home and abroad, says Karlsen.

Down from November

The so-called filling rate, which shows the proportion of the aircraft’s seats that have been booked, was 71.3 per cent in December – up 19 percentage points from the previous year. At the same time, it is down from 76.6 per cent in November.

The income per passenger kilometer (yield) was NOK 0.54 in December, compared with NOK 0.55 in November, and NOK 0.79 in the same month last year.

In the same month, Norwegian increased its total capacity (ASK), which measures the number of seat kilometers the company has flown, by 904 per cent compared with December last year. Passenger traffic (RPK) is up 1,269 percent compared to last year.

In December, Norwegian had an average of 48 aircraft in operation, while 99.6 per cent of scheduled flights were completed. Punctuality was 83.8 percent.

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– A good month for Norwegian

– Norwegian continues to deliver good traffic figures, December is no exception, comments aircraft analyst Hans Jørgen Elnæs after the figures were released.

– Despite a fall in demand, Norwegian transported more than 900,000 passengers and sold more than 7 out of 10 seats, without ticket prices having to be reduced significantly. Revenue per seat sold was in December on a par with November.

He estimates that Norwegian pulled in 588 million in ticket revenues in December – just below the November figure of 600 million.

– A good month for Norwegian and the company continues to show that it manages to balance capacity against demand. It will probably be somewhat more challenging to deliver similarly in January, now the pandemic is slowing down demand, but I think it will be better than in January 2021, says Elnæs.

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