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Presidential 2022. Pécresse wants to “bring out the Kärcher” to convince on security

“I am going to bring out the Kärcher”: traveling in the south-east this Thursday, Valérie Pécresse, using the formula of Nicolas Sarkozy, appears intractable on security, to speak to the undecided tempted by the far right, in s’ trying to set up the duel with Emmanuel Macron.

For this first big trip of 2022, the LR candidate had chosen Bouches-du-Rhône and Vaucluse – two departments where the National Gathering achieves high scores – and the theme of security which she intends to make a marker.

“Put things in order”

Accompanied by Eric Ciotti, his very right-handed “authority” advisor, the one who assures her wanting to “restore order” spent a long time Thursday in the urban surveillance center of Salon-de-Provence, taking an interest in the 151 cameras and drones used in the city for video protection, before going to a dismantled deal point.

Today it’s time to clean up the neighborhoods

“We must bring out the Kärcher because it has been returned to the cellar by François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron for ten years,” she said during a press point in front of the Salon-de-Provence police station, using a phrase employed by Nicolas Sarkozy when he was Minister of the Interior, and remained in political annals.

“Today it’s time to clean up the neighborhoods, we have to track down the bosses, the thugs, the criminals, the dealers, it is they who must be harassed and punished, that we must deprive of their citizenship”, a she added.

Construction of “20,000 additional prison places”, opening of “pre-trial detention centers in disused buildings” … the candidate did not rule out either “involving the army in part” during operations of ” securing of areas ”in the neighborhoods.

Tackle Macron

The language is muscular, but the candidate is convinced: “What the French want results immediately” because “we are in a crisis of authority”.

A spade launched at Emmanuel Macron, who is due to go to Nice on Monday on the same theme. “If he runs after the Republican candidate on this subject, it is good that there is excitement, concern in his camp,” she told La Provence.

We have a president who talks constantly, to insult or to seduce

Valérie Pécresse suddenly climbed in the polls after her designation as LR candidate in early December, and now appears able to threaten Emmanuel Macron – even if she remains far behind in the first round: a poll on Wednesday gave the head of state 24% against 16% to Valérie Pécresse, Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour.

With her remarks, the LR candidate takes up a recurring criticism on the right, which describes Emmanuel Macron as uncomfortable on sovereign matters. “We have a president who talks constantly, to insult or to seduce. The French know me less, because I act, ”said the president of the Ile-de-France region.

Gather and convince

To win, he will have to continue to bring his political family together. The Republic on the move was ironic Thursday on the divisions within the LR deputies on the vote of the vaccine pass, while Valérie Pécresse had taken a position for.

But he must also convince the hesitant who could be tempted by Eric Zemmour or Marine Le Pen, a highly coveted electorate. The candidate for the National Rally will be this weekend in Béziers and Perpignan.

“Clean up neighborhoods” “lawless areas, sometimes even non-France areas” … the uncompromising formulas were quickly criticized.

“Before taking the Kärcher out of the cellar to fight against delinquency, Valérie Pécresse should rather stop subsidizing illegal immigration as she does with isolated ‘minors’ in the Île-de-France region”, launched on Twitter Jordan Bardella, interim president of the National Assembly.

“Madame Pécresse is the candidate of the center, (…) a clone of Emmanuel Macron”, for his part said Eric Zemmour on Europe 1.

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