Wednesday, January 26

Silje A. Pedersen (30) drank alcohol for a year. The effect surprised her. That’s how much you can drink every week, says the doctor.

Not sure if you drink too much? See the researcher’s checklist.

– We love a challenge. But I was very excited about how it would feel and how it would be in meeting other people, says Silje A. Pedersen (30). She and her cohabitant stopped drinking alcohol for a whole year

It started as a joke on a December day in 2015. Silje Alice Pedersen and cohabitant Kevin Ehrenberg talked about Norwegians’ alcohol habits and that many people drink extra in December.

– I jokingly told him that he would not manage without alcohol. When he denied this, I challenged him to manage without alcohol for a year, says the 30-year-old from Trondheim.

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