Tuesday, January 18

Stroke: here are the 5 signs that should alert you

A stroke is no small feat. However, rapid treatment reduces the risk of sequelae. Here are five signs to watch out for.

Weakness or numbness of the limbs

The first sign that can be a warning sign of a stroke is a feeling of weakness or numbness in an arm or a leg. This can result in an inability to move this limb. To check, the person may be asked to raise both arms, if they are having a stroke, one or both of their arms may not respond correctly.

Loss of vision

Vision disturbances are also a warning sign of a stroke. This can result in double vision or even the total inability to see. This disorder usually affects one eye in particular.

Language or behavior disorder

A person with a stroke may also have a speech or behavior disorder. Micro-paralysis of part of the face can be the cause of this speech disorder. The person may also be completely unable to speak. When it comes to behavioral problems, the person may act in strange ways without understanding why.

Loss of equilibrium

Loss of balance is a sign of stroke that results from numbness in the limbs, whether it’s an arm or a leg. Indeed, the person loses his center of gravity and has difficulty standing without losing his balance.

Severe headache

All these warning signs of stroke are often accompanied by an intense headache that appears suddenly. In more common terms, these are very painful headaches that appear very quickly.

When one or more signs appear, it is strongly recommended to contact the SAMU on 15. This call will allow the doctor to determine whether treatment is necessary.


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