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The corona affects the teaching offer. Therefore, the exam must be canceled.

  • Ronja Flaaten Steen

    15 years

Feeling that the entire syllabus has not been 100 percent reviewed before the exam period is real stress, writes Ronja Flaaten Steen (15).

Exam is approaching. It gives me a restless feeling.

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I am in the last year of a secondary school in Oslo. We are now in the period where our teachers are constantly nagging that the exam is approaching. I feel it arouses a restless feeling in me.

Not well enough spread

Our cohort has not had a single year in upper secondary school that has not been characterized by home school and an educational offer I do not experience is sufficient.

Home school and “cohort school” lead to teaching that takes longer, and many may find it less convenient. Feeling that the entire syllabus has not been 100 percent reviewed before the exam period is real stress.

Feels unfair

Some may find that homeschooling and digital education lead to less learning. It can be difficult for us students to learn the material we should be able to do alone, through a screen.

This was the reason why the two litters before us got cancelled exam. It feels very unfair. We have implemented this teaching method in periods throughout the upper secondary school, while it only applied to them for one to two years.

I am aware that we are in a state of emergency where we try to keep as much as possible “normal”, but this is something I think should be part of the state of emergency.

Exams must be canceled.

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