Tuesday, January 25

The IOC assures that the Beijing Games will be held as planned

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has in a video conference with national Olympic committees promised that the Winter Games in Beijing will be held as planned.

The Olympic rings are lifted into place on a building in Beijing. The IOC assured during video conferences on Wednesday that the games will be held as planned.

It happened after Olympic leaders from several countries have expressed concern about the closure of the Games in China.

As recently as Tuesday, Ralph Stöckli, head of the Swiss Olympic squad, initiated talks on postponement.

“We really have to discuss the possibility of postponing the games,” he said in a TV interview.

On Wednesday, Stöckli and the Swiss Olympic Committee announced that the IOC has given assurances that the games will be carried out. It was also promised that practitioners who test positive before leaving for China, and then recover, will have their cases treated individually.

– Postponing the toys is no longer a relevant topic, Stöckli said in a statement.


This week, the IOC held video conferences with athletes’ representatives, national Olympic committees and international special federations in winter sports. IOC President Thomas Bach claimed that the games have in a way started, as one must comply with the infection control rules.

“We must do everything to ensure that the athletes’ Olympic dream is not shattered days before departure,” he said. Insidethegames.

He believes that the infection control rules for the Olympics should become a lifestyle for everyone involved in the time to come.


The Summer Games in Tokyo, which should have been held in 2020, were postponed for a year as a result of the pandemic. That decision was made four months before the opening ceremony. It is now less than a month until the Olympic flame is lit in Beijing.

The local organizer, together with the IOC, is creating a “bubble” for the Olympics with stricter test requirements and less freedom of movement than in the Tokyo Games last year.

Practitioners, managers and others involved who have not been fully vaccinated must be quarantined for 21 days before they can enter the bubble. There will be daily tests even for the vaccinated.

There will also be no foreign spectators, even though tickets are sold to people living in China.

Good signal

The fear that a positive corona test in the time before departure to China would automatically cost participation in the games was, if not disproved, then at least subdued through assurances from the IOC.

An international panel of experts will assess each individual case and handle the cases in a “more flexible way” than previously signaled.

– It is a positive signal. Without this, we had to assume that many athletes who no longer represented a risk of infection would have their Olympic dream shattered due to positive corona tests, says Stöckli.


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