Tuesday, January 25

This astrological sign would be the most likely

We all, or almost, know a person with whom we feel obliged to constantly weigh our words, because we know how the slightest little indelicate remark risks offending them. And there is a good chance that this one was born under the zodiac sign of Cancer. These natives tend to be particularly susceptible.

And this, whether it is with their family, their friends or their co-workers. On the one hand because it is a sign of Water, and on the other hand because it is ruled by the Moon, explains astrologer Nathalie Marcot, recalling that to do an in-depth analysis, it is also necessary to take into account the ascending, and the Moon.

“Water is the element of sensitivity and receptivity,” she emphasizes, adding that the signs associated with this element are also distinguished by their intuition. “Cancer will thus perceive a lot of things, even when they are not said. He has a very intuitive side ”. For its part, the Moon governs our emotions and embodies memory.

No matter how the reproach is worded, “Cancer, who is rather resentful, will not forget it”. He will take everything very seriously, “keep the remark in question in a corner of his head and rehash it for several days”, continues the specialist, also Expert in Internal Connection and Couple Relations.

Another sign recognized for its susceptibility: Scorpio, also a Water sign. But unlike Cancer, who will tend “to shut themselves in their shell”, people born under this sign will “maintain the feeling of hatred” and “seek revenge”. If he has been injured, adds Nathalie Marcot, “the Scorpio can be very pungent”.


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