Tuesday, January 18

This couple of police officers who became parents 6 weeks earlier committed suicide 2 days apart: the entourage does not understand

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On New Year’s Eve, a few minutes before midnight, the deputy of the Sheriff’s Office for St. Lucia County (in the state of Florida in the United States), Clayton Osteen, 24, makes a suicide attempt. He survives it. His body was taken to hospital, but after meeting with doctors, his family made the decision to remove him from life support. He died on January 2.

Tuesday, his companion, Victoria Pacheco, young mother of a little baby aged 6 weeks, also a police officer in the same police station, commits suicide in her turn, leaving their orphaned baby.

This news item which caused a chain reaction of suicides raises questions in the United States. What happened so that this couple, who recently became a parent, did not want to end it? No one around Clayton and Victoria expected these dramatic facts. What happened to Clayton Osteen that he could consider the irreparable?

This Thursday, family and friends are still shaken by these dramatic facts. They express their shock at the choice of these young parents to end their own life, saying that they were happier than ever after welcoming their new baby and that the reasons for these drastic actions remain unknown.

“Clayton and Victoria were joyful parents, excited about their growing family, in love with baby Jayce and very much in love with each other”, it is incomprehension for their colleagues and their families.

On social networks, the young woman shared her happiness as a couple and as a young mother.

The St Lucia County Sheriff’s Office paid tribute to his two collaborators, saying it was important not to neglect the mental health of loved ones and colleagues.


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