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TV program. They tell of their hellish life as women victims of their violent ex-spouse

Already three women have died at the hands of their spouse or ex-spouse in 2022. This shocking figure revealed from the first days of the year is a reminder that domestic violence can kill and is still a sad reality for many women.

In “A life under threat”, an investigation of the magazine Special Envoy broadcast this Thursday evening at 9:05 pm on France 2, survivors of this violence unveil their daily life with modesty and sincerity. Alison and Geraldine have managed to escape the clutches of their violent companion. But even after the separation, they continue to haunt them, harass them, threaten them with death, and even physically injure them. Their life is made up of fear and anguish: every day, it takes a lot of courage for them to leave their homes. Desperate, one of them even wrote a fourth letter to the President of the Republic and to the First Lady.

“Anyway, you’re screwed, you’re dead”

Alison, 31, cloistered in her home, saw the shutters closed. There is a reason for this: her abusive ex-boyfriend, with whom she stayed for three years, continues to chase her after their separation. “You have to be on your guard all the time, not going into the garden, always looking through the small window at the entrance before going out. I was surprised once without looking, he was behind the door, he pushed and he came in… If the dog barks at night, with my little one and my little one we meet, we wait to see what happens … It’s non-stop. Even when there is a moment of calm, you wonder what he’s going to do next, what he’s up to. ”

“He pulled down my pants and my panties to check if I was shaved or not”

The young woman only travels when necessary: ​​taking the children to school, going to see her parents, picking up her groceries at the drive, getting gasoline. But she is never quiet: always her eyes on the rearview mirror, rarely on the road, in case she is followed, as has happened before. She recounts a particularly traumatic experience that happened at the gas station. “He came out of nowhere. He pulled down my pants and my panties to check if I was shaved or not, because it was something I was forbidden to do when we were in a relationship. For him, if I weren’t shaved, I couldn’t look elsewhere. He told me anyway, you’re screwed, you’re dead “. A woman, probably a friend of his, then attacked her “with a machete”, threatening to “burn” her house. “Since then, I don’t do my shopping on my own, impossible,” says Alison.

“Each time I take a risk by denouncing him, and he feels stronger, because nothing is happening”

Alison tried everything: five complaints were filed. At the gendarmerie, they are discouraged: “At the end of the fourth complaint, I was told you are not tired of coming?. I replied that I would have liked to have had a protection order. We told me you will never have it, it can take years, and if you are not happy you do like the others, you take your kids and you go see if the grass is not greener elsewhere “. Alison feels weaker with each complaint. His ex-companion is taken into custody, then released. “Each time I take a risk by denouncing him, and he feels stronger, because nothing is happening. He comes to my house or he calls me telling me you see, i’m outside, it’s no use what you’re doing. »

When her ex-partner is in pre-trial detention, Alison “finds her freedom”

A nightmarish daily life that could end: her lawyer tells her that the one who torments her has returned to pre-trial detention, and potentially until her trial. This is the only way out for Alison: at this point, her Serious Danger Phone (TGD) doesn’t even give her a sense of security. “We fall on the platform and it is they who contact the police if necessary. Sometimes it’s a little long, and sometimes it’s scary to think that in an emergency… Well, it can go very quickly. “From now on” he has lost his freedom, it is I who find mine “. She sketches a rare smile.

Faced with some police officers, “we endure a little violence a second time”

As for Geraldine, she had to move hundreds of kilometers from her hometown to escape her former companion. But even away from him, she continues to deprive herself of her passion, equestrian competitions. Taking part would give her ex-partner the opportunity to find out where she is. She forbids herself. “I’m not going to take this risk for myself, for my son. It’s heartbreaking, it hurts to tell yourself that he’s free, he does what he wants, but for me, no more competitions, I’ve moved, I’m careful where I’m going … is no longer possible. She remains hopeful and continues to train bitterly.

This man, Geraldine met him in the equestrian world, precisely: she bought her first horse from him. At the start of their relationship, “sir” was very jealous. Then the blows came. But she stays so as not to disturb the family cocoon, for the son they had together. She ends up leaving him when he threatens to attack her child, she says in the report, audio recording in support.

He does not respect the ban on approaching his ex-girlfriend

Even with multiple complaints and a protection order, the harassment continues. She takes him on video one day when he is in violation: he unloads furniture in front of her house, passes through the gate. On their arrival, the gendarmes fined him “for the belt and for having burned the stop sign”, and “told him to calm down”, before letting him leave, much to Geraldine’s dismay. “Failure to comply with a protection order is a criminal offense, up to two years’ imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros,” recalls the young woman. “We suffered a bit of violence a second time. ”

900 kilometers away, Geraldine had regained a certain serenity: she even once again allows her boy to cycle in the street. But a serious error of the judicial administration revealed his new address to his stalker. A test very difficult for her to accept. “I said to myself: we will have to move again. The gentleman told relatives that the two cartridges from his father’s rifle would be used for the last time. Today, I don’t want to know if he will take action or not ”. This mother hesitates between fleeing again or keeping a certain stability for her young son, even if it means remaining like this “with a sword of Damocles above her head”.

“A life under threat”, a report by Alice Gauvin, Violaine Vermot-Gaud, Julie Martin and Max Paquereau, broadcast in “Special Envoy”, presented by Elise Lucet Thursday January 6 at 9:05 pm. Two other reports, “Middle Classes: The Wrath of the Without-Aid” and “Forest Man” will also be broadcast this evening.

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