Wednesday, January 26

UFC: will Jake Paul get into MMA?

After a few boxing fights, YouTuber Jake Paul could get into MMA. But not necessarily with the UFC.

After his new victory over Tyron Woodley, former MMA fighter, last December, Jake Paul has confided his desire to get into the octagons. And one of the largest organizations on the planet opens its doors to it.

“I’ve always said it, these guys are real athletes. They’re young, they’re hard-working, they train, you can’t take that away from them, Bellator president Scott Coker told MMA Junkie in La Sueur. Jake Paul is getting better and better. What we’ve seen with Tyron Woodley is a lot of work to get to that level. If you want to come to MMA, we will be happy to do so. “

While he clung with Dana White, president of the UFC, through the media, Jake Paul could therefore go to the rival. It remains to be seen if the YouTuber will be at the level. In any case, for Coker, it will be.

“He’s going to come to one of the best halls on the planet, where Khabib is, where Daniel Cormier trains and where Cain Velasquez teaches. He will thrive in this environment, he already has wrestling experience, excellent striking, obviously. And this guy is just going to get better and better, ”he explained.

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