Friday, January 21

Unusual. He breaks into Versailles in the middle of the night to… drink hydroalcoholic gel

A young man managed to break into the Palace of Versailles (Yvelines) on the night of Monday 3 to Tuesday 4 January.

He climbed two gates and smashed a window

Aged in his twenties and residing in Essonne, the individual would have arrived on the Place d’Armes around 11 p.m.

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He would first have climbed the first gate overlooking the large paved courtyard of the building, then the second gate, thus landing in the royal court.

He would then have gone towards the hall of the Dauphine and would have broken the glass of a door to enter the castle.

It was the security guards who discovered it in the Coronation Room, alerted by the triggering of the alarm. A police source told the Parisian that the individual was then eating a Ladurée macaroon and drinking … hydroalcoholic gel.

His identity remains unknown

The man was taken to hospital to be examined as part of his police custody for willful damage and intrusion into a protected site.

“His condition is incompatible with police custody, so the procedure will not be successful,” however, explained a source close to the investigation to our colleagues. The police considered that he was probably suffering from mental health problems.

DNA tests are also planned to identify him: he had no identity paper on him and was not able to give name and first name.

The palace, not secure enough?

If the damage was limited to the broken window, this uninterrupted intrusion to the Coronation Room questions the security of the castle and the site, yet equipped with alarms, cameras and human surveillance day and night, at inside and out.

The last such ” visit ” dates back to October 2020. An individual had managed to break into the palace in the middle of the night. He had been arrested on the ground floor, wearing “a sheet and taking himself for a king”.

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