Tuesday, January 25

Virginie Efira: her tender declaration of friendship to Julien Doré in “En aparté”

Guest of the program “En Aparté” on Canal +, Virginie Efira spoke of the bond of friendship she maintains with Julien Doré. A relationship that has lasted since their meeting in 2007 on the set of “Nouvelle Star”.

It was at the end of the show that the 43-year-old actress, when she had to choose the album she wanted to listen to, referred to Julien Doré. “If there is Julien, I take Julien”, she blurted out in theepisode. “It’s my friend. On the way to your house, I received a message from him. This very polite gentleman wished me his best wishes for 2022, ”continues Virginie Efira.

The one who played in the clip for the title Kiki, released in March 2021, admitted to being happy to share such a beautiful friendship with the singer. “I am happy with this friendship which is still a few years old. I had met him on the show I was presenting, ”she says, also saying that she is“ proud ”of him and of his exemplary career after participating in a telecrochet.

Virginie Efira appreciates the singer’s talent as much as his human qualities. And hope their friendship will last throughout their respective lives. “He is someone who has a sense of humor and a deep kindness. Finally here, I am attached to him. I often imagine myself old and seeing him much more often. I know it will be part of my old age too. He must be happy, ”she said.


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