Tuesday, January 18

Went to frontal attack on Trump: – His wounded ego means more to him than our democracy

WASHINGTON DC (Aftenposten): US President Joe Biden addressed his predecessor’s election lies on the one-year anniversary of the storming of Congress.

“You can not love your country only when you win,” said President Joe Biden in his January 6 speech.

The President of the United States usually makes his statements and announcements from the White House, but Thursday’s speech took place in the venerable Statuary Hall in the Congress building on Capitol Hill.

Speaking to the people from the scene of the attack on American democracy was a symbolically important choice for the White House, according to American media.

Joe Biden never mentioned his predecessor by name, but spent much of his speech going down Donald Trump’s throat.

– His wounded ego means more to him than our democracy and our constitution. He can not accept that he lost, Biden said.

Biden asked viewers to close their eyes and think back to the scenes that took place in the same building a year ago. He pointed out that some of those who entered Congress brought with them Southern flags.

“Even during the civil war it never happened,” Biden said.

– Did nothing

Again and again he returned to the Trump universe’s lies about the election results in 2020 and what happened on January 6, 2021.

– You can not love your country only when you win. You can not choose to follow the law only when it suits you, Biden said.

– No choice in American history has been more closely followed or more precisely counted. Georgia counted the votes three times.

He also attacked what he believes is Trump’s passivity when the mob took over Congress.

– He watched everything on TV and did nothing for several hours, Biden said.

Boasts from CNN

Several experts point out that this speech was far less unifying than the one Biden held when he was sworn in as president on January 20 last year.

The New York Times describes the speech as “the most powerful attack on the former president since Biden took over.”

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer still believes it was “extremely strong”.

“This is perhaps the most important thing Biden has said as president of the United States,” Blitzer said.

Pearl Harbor and 9/11

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke before Biden.

She compared the date of January 6, 2021, to two other anniversaries that have burned into the memory of Americans: the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

– Most Americans can not sit on the sidelines. We must gather in the defense of democracy, she said.

Donald Trump reached out to Biden and the Democrats after the speech. He believes Biden has failed “totally and completely”.

– The Democrats want to own this day so that they can create fear and divide America, the ex-president writes in an announcement.


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