Tuesday, January 18

Astrology: here is the sign that would be the most narcissistic

Mirror, my beautiful mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful. Some people tend to brag about themselves and admire themselves more than they should. And if there is one astrological sign that is recognized as being narcissistic, it is Leo.

Ruled by the Sun, the Lion “always needs to shine,” says astrocoach Nathalie Marcot, who holds a chain Youtube. This Fire sign “is convinced that he is always right, and loves himself more than anything.” People born under this sign generally have “high self-esteem.”

If the Leo likes to please and knows how to be very generous with those close to him, he can annoy those around him with his boastful side. Whether in the professional or private sphere, “he takes up space and does everything to ensure that attention revolves around him”, she adds, recalling nevertheless that these are only generalities.

As a reminder, we must take into account the ascendant, and all the other characteristics of the astral chart, in order to have a precise and complete analysis.

followed by Taurus

Another sign with an oversized ego: Taurus. Indeed, the natives of this sign of Earth are known to have “a misplaced pride, and an oversized self-confidence”, continues the specialist, also expert in inner connection and couple relationship.

Like his congener, the Taurus, a sign of the middle of spring, therefore very fixed and stable, is convinced that he is right, even when he is wrong, and that “only his opinion counts”. Ruled by Venus, planet of self-esteem and self-esteem, this ruminant often has the annoying habit “of taking itself for the center of the world”.


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