Wednesday, January 19

CAN 2022: Why is the Africa Cup played in winter?

CAN 2022 (January 9-February 6) is played again in winter while the previous one, in 2019, took place in summer. Here’s why.

If, historically, the period of the African Cup of Nations has always been January-February, in 2019, the CAF (African Football Confederation) decided to innovate and compete in the summer in Egypt. This had allowed the nations not to be cut off from certain players because of pressure from the clubs.

But for this 2022 edition, initially scheduled for 2021 and postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, back to square one and therefore to the winter period.

CAF has chosen to return in January officially because of the climatic conditions, which are unfavorable in summer in Cameroon.

The other unofficial reason concerns the imminent arrival of the new version of the Club World Cup which must be placed in summer. FIFA’s objective is therefore to prevent the big clubs from being deprived of their African stars for this new meeting …

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