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Channel: A bottle thrown into the sea found on a beach, the authors of the message found

While jogging on the beach in Surtainville (Manche), a mother found a bottle in the sea containing a message written on a piece of paper, Thursday, December 30, 2021.

“Dear friends, read this letter. You found our bottle in the sea. Our names are Adrien, Gaspard, Anaïs and my grandmother, Bénédicte. We are sending you this letter from Brittany. We are very happy that you are reading this letter, please answer us by postcard ”, we can read on the message relayed by the Facebook account of the Village du Surtainville, and dated Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

The mother, Anaïs Rey, who is at the origin of this surprising discovery, wanted to find the authors of this message. But although first names are indicated with a Parisian address, an important detail is still missing, the last name. This is the reason why the mother of the family wanted to share her find through social networks, in order to benefit from help in her research.

And we must believe that his announcement did not go unnoticed since many Facebook users have commented and shared in turn. Besides, like La Manche Press reports it, the mother of the family says “that she did not think that it was going to cause so much to react”.

The authors answered the call

In addition, Anaïs and her children wanted to play the game to the end, and therefore sent a postcard to the address given in the glass bottle, on Friday, December 31. “There are a lot of accommodations at this address,” Anaïs noted, but the family hoped that a concierge could remedy it. For this, she made sure to include the link of the page Facebook Village de Surtainville.

A quest that will have finally worked since a certain Olivia replied to the message on Facebook, four days ago. “Hello Anaïs, I am Olivia, the mother of Gaspard, Adrien (9 year old twins) and Anaïs (11 years old). We have just received your postcard. What joy, and happiness when the children read it. So happy to see that their bottle had been found as in the novels ”, wrote the mother of the authors.

She also explained that “her mother, Bénédicte, had thrown with her grandchildren, this bottle in the sea at ebb tide, from St Lunaire in North Brittany, during the Easter holidays”. Olivia concluded by hoping “maybe one day, a nice meeting”.

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