Sunday, January 16

Coronavirus – Protesters pound the pavement against the vaccine pass in several cities in France

(Belga) Several demonstrations against the vaccine pass project took place across France on Saturday, mainly in calm, a few days after Emmanuel Macron’s controversial statements on the unvaccinated, whom he wants to “piss off”.

Paris has seen several demonstrations, the most important of which brought together a few thousand people at the call of the Patriots of the pro-Frexit presidential candidate Florian Philippot, according to an AFP journalist. A police source called the gathering “tense”. Just like the one held on Boulevard de l’Hôpital (in the south-east of Paris), on the initiative of yellow vests, with “the inclinations of certain radical members to move the demonstration, but this was quickly contained”, according to this source. The vaccine pass bill, adopted by deputies on Thursday, is due to pass before the Senate next week. In Lyon, a small crowd of demonstrators of all ages and little masked gathered in a good-natured atmosphere on Place Bellecour, in the city center. In Bordeaux, between 500 and 1,000 people, according to the police, and 9,000 according to the organizers, demonstrated despite the rain under the cries of “Macron on you bored”. “When will a vaccine of respect?”, #Ontemmerde “,” Confidence broken “, could we read on the signs. In the East, 1,250 demonstrators marched in Colmar and 1,900 in Mulhouse, according to the Haut-Rhin prefecture . They were 1,500 in Strasbourg, according to the prefecture of Bas-Rhin. The authorities had counted 121,000 demonstrators against the vaccination and the health pass on the whole of the territory on September 11, and some 237,000 participants on August 7. (Belga)

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