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Dreaming in the field: Routes encourage you to avoid the Frognerseter line

Ruter has installed extra guards and warns of congestion at Midtstuen station. They are now encouraging people to find alternative ways to travel.

This is what it looks like at Majorstuen station at half past one on Saturday morning.

Fresh snow and weekend holidays lure the people of Oslo out into the fields on Saturday morning. On line 1 towards Frognerseteren, it is now starting to fill up, Sofie Bruun, press officer in Ruter, informs Aftenposten.

– A lot of people are starting to come now. We have therefore deployed an extra security guard, says Sofie Bruun press officer in Ruter to Aftenposten.

She states that Ruter already has guards at the stations Midtstuen and Frognerseteren.

– Finding other hiking destinations may be a good idea, says Bruun.

On Thursday, Ruter warned in a press release about the danger of congestion on line 1 towards Frognerseteren this weekend. The line runs from Majorstuen to Frognerseteren, and is one of the most popular exit routes to Oslomarka. Especially at Midtstuen station there can be a lot of people on the weekends. Ruter therefore announced that they would set up guards at the station.

In addition, Ruter recommended finding alternatives to travel between line 1 between Frognerseteren and Midtstuen.

The snowfall over the last 24 hours has created good skiing conditions in Oslomarka. Here from a trail sign in Nordmarka 6 January.

Check the advance notice

The heavy snow weather of the last few days gives dreamland in the field. Trine Rom Giving, communications manager at the Ski Association, told Aftenposten on Friday that the conditions are best where there is a large forest road network.

– Where there is an even and firm surface, which freezes earlier. The terrain trails need more snow and cold. Now there have been long periods of cold. Then we can prepare these trails, she said.

The ski association recommends checking the pre-registration before setting out on a trip on the association’s overview of the trail network.

Especially after a heavy snowfall, you may want to check the status of the trail preparation.

Where should you aim for a ski trip this weekend? Here is the advice from Giving in the Ski Association:

  • We can, for example, highlight Sollihøgda on Krokskogen. You get here by bus or car and can choose between several nice trails inland in Marka, for example to Sørsetra.
  • From Skansebakken in Sørkedalen there are also great conditions. You get here by bus or car.
  • You can also go a little further north, towards for example Mylla, Svartbekken or Romeriksåsene.

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