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Eckhoff’s crisis plan: – Has checked everything that can be checked

HOLMENEKKEN (VG) For almost three weeks, Tiril Eckhoff (31) has fought a lonely battle in the hope of “saving” the Olympics. She has faith in the crisis plan.

HUNTING THE OLYMPIC FORM: The mood is back and Tiril Eckhoff feels in far better shape than when she jumped from the World Cup in mid-December. Here she is photographed after a long session in Holmenkollen.

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– Yes, I have it. It’s a good plan and now I can just stand by it. At least things are feeling better now and I’ve gotten better. I do everything I can now to be in good shape for the Olympics. That is what I am aiming for, says Tiril Eckhoff.

She has just completed a marathon in a wintery Holmenkollen with a little wind and snow in the air and is in a good mood.

The mood was very different on December 16 when Eckhoff found that enough was enough. After finishing 11th in the sprint in Annecy-Le Grand Bornand, the 31-year-old returned home from France.

– I did not think the body responded normally to skiing. I just felt heavier and heavier in my body. Then I had to do something. That the shape would suddenly come in a few days would be like believing in Santa Claus.

ROUND AND ROUND: Tiril Eckhoff on his way out of the stand in Kollen.

Lacks good “feeling”

The form was rattle also at the start of the season. A 28th, 32nd and 28th place in Östersund as well as a 6th and 16th place in Hochfilzen is not good enough for the woman who was the world’s best biathlete last season. Then she won 13 World Cup races – and had five victories in a row. Eckhoff was the stability itself.

– Even though it was a bit of a mess at the end of last year’s season, I have trained terribly well this summer and autumn. I have not put in all those hours to be number 10 on a good day with nine hits. It’s a little too bad. I’m confident I did the right thing by jumping off the World Cup and going home. It’s pretty nice to know. If I had just wandered around and walked the World Cup now, I would not have walked anything fast and not got a good “feeling”, Eckhoff states.

She had to change the emergency plan a bit after she caught a cold during the Christmas holidays. Thus, she had to stand over this weekend’s World Cup in Oberhof.

Respiratory problems

– Then you’re doomed. It was not entirely lucky, but at the same time I think it was good for the body that I got to relax a bit. It was a week of training that was lost, and it is quite essential when the Christmas holidays are two weeks. At the same time, you realize that the body is not what it should be when you come home and get sick.

– Was there anything special you had to deal with when you got home?

– I have tried to get my body in balance again and have had everything that can be checked checked. I’ve taken a lot of blood tests and tried to figure it out. The stay in Östersund probably went a little hard beyond the airways and it has hung a bit in. It should be much better now.

The big fear now is getting sick or corona infected for the trip to Beijing. Eckhoff is going to Ruhpolding and to Anterselva before she gets this far.

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– There are some obstacles on the road, some flights and queues. It will be something other than being completely isolated in my apartment and having all the goods delivered to your door, says Eckhoff and laughs.

She and her boyfriend Ånund Lid Byggland expanded the cohort during the actual Christmas celebration.

– It was a celebration with mom, dad and grandpa. Otherwise, the boldest thing I did at Christmas was to meet a lot of people outdoors – on skis, says Tiril Eckhoff.


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