Tuesday, January 18

Engebråten took EC bronze – the medal slipped for Wiklund

There was great excitement associated with Ragne Wiklund in the 1500 meters for women. But after day two of the European Championship individual distances in the Netherlands, it was Hallgeir Engebråten who was responsible for the Norwegian upswing.

MEDAL: Hallgeir Engebråten went terrific in his 5000 meters and was rewarded with bronze.

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For Ragne Wiklund could be the first Norwegian women to take an individual medal in the European Championships, but the 21-year-old eventually had to settle for the sour fourth place.

– Actually, I am very happy and relieved. I did not think I would go this time after yesterday. “I am very happy with how I turned it around,” Wiklund told Viaplay after the race.

Dutch Antoinette De Jong took the gold ahead of teammate Ireen Wüst and Italian Francesca Lollobrigiada.

But earlier in the day, Hallgeir Engebråten walked a terrific 5000 meters and took bronze in the distance.

– Today it was fun to go ice skating. Absolutely amazing to be able to set a speed I felt was pretty cheap the first five laps and then just float there. Then it was just working when it started to hurt. Absolutely magical, Engebråten told Viaplay after the race.

Dutchman Patrick Roest took the gold for compatriot Jorrit Bergsma.

Engebråten’s bronze was the second Norwegian medal on the second day of the European Championships.

For Bjørn Magnussen, Henrik Fagerli Rukke and Håvard Holmefjord Lorentzen went in for silver in the team sprint.

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