Monday, January 17

Haute-Garonne. Near Toulouse, a detainee found dead by hanging

He was soon to be tried for threats to guards: a man in his thirties was found “hanged” in his cell at the Seysses remand center, south of Toulouse.

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“An investigation for research into the causes of death is underway and the autopsy will be carried out in the coming days,” the Toulouse prosecutor’s office told AFP, stressing that the detainee “had not expressed suicidal thoughts “. “He was to be tried soon for threats to prison supervisors and degradation by dangerous means of his cell” of the Muret prison, added the same source.

An ordered psychiatric expertise

According to a source close to the investigation, this detainee, transferred in November from Muret to Seysses and placed in solitary confinement, was known for acts of a criminal nature and had spent several years in prison. The lawyer of the detainee, Me Séverine Faine, indicated that the court had ordered a psychiatric expertise on his client but that she was “not yet” in possession of the results.

The hearing for immediate appearance will still take place on January 11 in Toulouse, “so that the court finds the termination of the public action due to death,” she explained.

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