Friday, January 21

HEALTH: The Omicron wave has a “double” impact on the Saint-Martin hospital – Faxinfo

This new wave of covid-19 impacts the functioning of the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center but in a different way than the previous one linked to the Delta variant.

“In August and September, we admitted at the same time many patients whose state of health was serious, we had to open additional beds thanks in particular to reinforcements from metropolitan France”, explains Marie-Antoinette Lampis, director of the hospital. ‘establishment. “Today the impact is twofold, with positive nursing staff on the one hand and positive patients on the other. This generates great tensions for a small establishment like ours, ”she explains. The Omicron variant being very contagious and in view of the large number of infected people, “we automatically have infected staff and therefore a high rate of absenteeism”, notes the director. A new national directive published in early January imposes on staff tested positive and vaccinated a minimum isolation of five days and if beyond this period, they are negative, they can return to work.

At the same time, all admitted patients are tested and some are positive even though they were unaware of it and came to the hospital for another pathology or other care. “We thus had three women came to give birth and a child tested positive”, quotes the director whose teams must organize themselves accordingly.

On Wednesday four patients who tested positive for covid-19 were taken care of at the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital.


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