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Hedda (20) from Voss is betting on electric racing: – I have had the dream chance

Both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have their teams in the electric Extreme-E series. Now Hedda Hosås (20) from Voss gets a sensational chance there.

Hedda Hosås has been contracted with the Veloce team in the Extreme-E series, where both the two former Formula 1 world champions Lewis Hamilton (above right) and Nico Rosberg each have their own team.

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Hosås will be the reserve driver for the team called Veloce – and which competes with the teams of Formula 1 world champions Hamilton and Rosberg.

– In Extreme-E there is full equality; one man and one woman. And I am the reserve for the girl, Hosås tells VG.

– Electric cars are the future. And I’ve always dreamed of doing motorsports full time. Now I get the chance. I’ve got the dream chance.

As one of the few Norwegian motorsport athletes, Hedda Hosås is now paid to drive. Extreme-E is a series of battery-electric off-road racers competing around the globe. And where the task – in addition to getting to the finish line first – is also to think about the environment.

– I think that is very good, says Hedda Hosås.

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The 230 cm wide and 1780 kilo heavy car accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds and the engine can have up to 680 horsepower.

Hedda Hosås says that she started with motocross when she was 15, but also wanted to try carcross, which her father and brother did.

– My brother said if I ever got to beat him, he would quit. I spent a couple of years on it, but he kept his word when it happened!

Hedda Hosås says that it was Danish Ulrik Lindemann who “discovered” her and who recommended her to the bosses of the Veloce team.

– I got to test them, and they were so happy that it ended with a contract.

So there are plenty of well-known motorsport names in the series. Petter Solberg’s old teammate in rallycross, three-time world champion Johan Kristoffersson is one of them. Kevin and Timmy Hansen and Mattias Ekström are other well-known Swedish names.

An even more famous name is Carlos Sainz, the father of the Formula 1 driver of the same name and even world champion in rally. And not least the rally legend before any Sebastien Loeb. VG can reveal that Petter Solberg has also been offered to drive in the series, but has refused to be able to concentrate fully on his son Oliver’s WC career.

– The series emphasizes having a good legacy where it has been. For example, one million trees were planted in Senegal. They also have a project in Greenland together with UNICEF.

Hedda Hosås emphasizes that she still has a lot of experience to gain.

– I am new and have a lot to learn.

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She has brought Voss’ own Kari Traa as a sponsor:

– Hedda is a good role model for younger motor-interested girls, and we want to be involved and make the way forward a little easier, Traa says in a press release.

Hosås also has help from the Norwegian WC rally trainer Ole-Martin Lundefaret, who among other things has worked with the WC drivers Hayden Paddon and Mads Østberg.

– I was incredibly impressed with the progression Hedda showed, and it is anyway
gender, Lundefaret states after training with her in a fast, off-road vehicle.

– Hedda is a reserve and test driver now, but things are changing fast. Fast women in off-road are in short supply, and in addition we have the corona pandemic.

PS: Nico Rosberg’s team «Rosberg X» won the title in Extreme-E in 2021. Lewis Hamilton’s team «X44» won the last round just before Christmas.

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