Friday, January 28

Large water leak at Majorstukrysset. 200 residents are without drinking water.

The leak has been stopped, but the consequences are uncertain.

The Water and Sewerage Authority has issued water records to residents without water.

– A patrol that came driving towards Majorstukrysset, so that a lot of water came out of the manhole cover and shakes, said operations manager Vidar Pedersen in the Oslo police to NTB.

The police moved out to the place with several patrols and closed off parts of Kirkeveien, which is part of Ring 2.

– The water freezes on the ground, and it will be ice skating, Pedersen said.

According to the Water and Sewerage Authority, the leak was due to a break in a main water main.

On Saturday afternoon, ten addresses and about 200 residents in the area around Bogstadveien are still without water. The Water and Sewerage Authority has issued water records to the residents concerned.

– We have dug ourselves down to the leak and are expected to be finished by 17 this afternoon, says communications manager Simen Strand Jørgensen.

After repair, it must be paved, so the road is probably not back to normal until Monday.

Large water leak at Majorstukrysset in Oslo. The water ran down Kirkeveien in the direction of Frogner. According to Oslo Water and Sewerage, the leak was due to a break in a main water main.

The leak stopped

Just after five o’clock, the police announced that the leak had been stopped.

According to Oslo Water and Sewerage, there is a breach in a main water pipeline. There is currently no overview of the extent and consequences for traffic and residents in the area, the police write on Twitter.

The water ran down in the direction of Frogner and has gathered at Frogner plass.

Water in basements

Pictures from the place show a lot of water in the streets. The water has penetrated into several basements, including at Majorstuen school, police task leader Thomas Broberg informs NRK.

Crews from the Water and Sewerage Authority have located the damage. They have now turned off the water and they will work for a while ahead with excavation work to repair the damage, Broberg says.

The road is blocked from the intersection Essendropsgate / Sørkedalsveien to Kirkeveien. Detour is signposted.

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