Monday, January 17

Lindvik won – double Norwegian in Bischofshofen

No one was better than Marius Lindvik (23) in the World Cup race in Bischofshofen this afternoon.

IN THE FLOAT: Marius Lindvik photographed in the first round in Bischofshofen. In the second, he was the longest of all.

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Lindvik beat Halvor Egner Granerud by four points when he took his fourth World Cup victory. Jan Hörl from Austria came in third.

Halvor Egner Granerud was in 3rd place and Marius Lindvik in 4th place after the 1st round. Lindvik kept his composure when he got into trouble with the binding just before he was to set off downhill in Bischofshofen. He landed at 133.5 meters, the same length as Egner Granerud.

In the second half, Lindvik was the longest of all with 139 meters, Granerud was three meters behind.

Philipp Aschenwald led after the first half in front of World Cup leader Ryoyu Kobayashi, but no one could catch up with the Norwegians.

Marius Lindvik was unlucky in the first jump during the final race in the same hill on Thursday and then finished in 10th place. Today he made two good jumps.

Daniel André Tande and Johann André Forfang both jumped up in the second round and finished in 18th and 15th place respectively.

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