Sunday, January 16

Live. Covid-19: SNCF will remove trains, antipass back to the street

SNCF is removing TGV and Intercités because of Omicron

SNCF will cut 10% of its TGV and 20% of Intercités from next week. A measure imposed by a fall in reservations due to the health crisis.

“Taking into account a 30% drop in reservations since the start of the year – particularly during the week – the TGV transport plan will be adapted from next week and provided for 90% of the planned offer, and 80% for Intercités, ”said a spokesperson for SNCF Voyageurs. Travelers whose trains are canceled will be contacted and may change their ticket or be reimbursed.

6:49 am: The parents of the students “crack”, the unions call for a strike

Test your children every two days, come and pick them up urgently because of cases of Covid-19 … Many parents of students in France express their fed-up after the start of the school year marked by a “very complicated protocol” , and the teachers’ unions call for a strike. “Parents become goats” and start to get annoyed, summarizes Laurent Zameczkowski, vice-president of a federation of parents of pupils (Peep). “Parents crack completely. , because for those who work, it becomes very complicated, they run everywhere ”, adds Nageate Belahcen, co-president of another federation of parents (FCPE).

The unions therefore called for a national strike on Thursday, January 13 “to obtain the conditions for a secure school under Omicron”.

Death of José Evrard, deputy of Pas-de-Calais

The deputy of Pas-de-Calais José Evrard died of the consequences of the Covid-19. Long communist, passed through the National Rally, he had since joined Debout la France, the party of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. José Evrard was 76 years old. Opposing the vaccine pass and compulsory vaccination, he himself was vaccinated, according to his son. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan or Richard Ferrand, the President of the National Assembly, paid tribute to him.

6:47 am: More than 300,000 contaminations, the wave rises in the hospital

The daily number of Covid-19 contaminations remains at a very high level, above 300,000, and hospitalizations are still increasing, according to official figures released Friday evening. Exactly, Public Health France recorded 328,214 new cases. The weekly average stands at 267,000. The 100,000 mark was only crossed on December 29.

Beyond the cases of contamination, the wave continues to rise in the hospital, but in a lesser proportion than the surge in the number of cases. 21,605 Covid patients are hospitalized (436 patients admitted in 24 hours), including 3,815 (+46 admissions) in critical care, reserved for the most serious cases.

230 000

Olivier Véran affirmed that this week 230,000 first-time injections had been carried out this week, a level unprecedented since last September.

6:45 am: Hello everyone and welcome to this live stream dedicated to the news of the Covid-19 pandemic in France and around the world.

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