Tuesday, January 25

Maren Lundby became “Name of the Year”: – Almost a little silly

Ski jumper Maren Lundby won “Name of the Year” at the Sports Gala – and promises that there will be motivation to get back on the ski jump.

JOKE: Maren Lundby thanks everyone who voted for her.

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– That I should run away with this award is almost a bit silly. I just have to thank everyone who has voted for me, then I will try to achieve something of the same as what the others have achieved. This was really big. I will use it further to motivate myself and come back, says Lundby in his speech of thanks.

“Name of the year” is awarded to the athlete who gets the most votes in the population.

Lundby has made a name for itself in several areas in 2021.

In the WC in Oberstdorf, she won gold on the big hill, a race she herself was driving to get to the world championships.

Later it became known that she would participate in the popular TV 2 program “Skal vi danse”, where she quickly became a viewer favorite.

Then she created real shock waves in the population when she cried and announced that she was going to lose the Olympics. The reason was that she was unable to meet the “extreme demands” associated with weight in the sport of jumping.

– It’s very heavy. I think it’s a good choice, and I do it to take care of myself, not to take any shortcuts. I know that I have always been very good at doing things properly, and I intend to continue with that, she told NRK.

She has also debuted as an expert commentator for Viaplay’s jump broadcasts.


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