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On December 16, Djokovic tested positive – the next day this picture was published

Legal documents show that Novak Djokovic tested positive for corona on 16 December. The next day he handed out prizes to a group of children.

WAS INFECTED – DISTRIBUTED PRIZES: According to the Belgrade Tennis Association, Novak Djokovic awarded prizes to the best athletes of the year the day after he tested positive for corona according to court documents.

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Tennis star Novak Djokovic has gone to court to escape quarantine and enter the Australian Open.

In that regard, the Serb’s appeal to the Australian legal system has been published.

It says that he tested positive for the coronavirus on December 16, 2021. It is also among the Serb’s arguments that he does not need a vaccine to enter the country.

However, several media outlets have picked up images that raise new questions.

The day after Djokovic according to court documents tested positive, shared Belgrade Tennis Federation photos by the world senator who handed out prizes to a herd of children. The newspaper News also published a case, entitled «2021 prizes awarded to the best athletes in the Belgrade Tennis Association», also this one dated 17 December.

The worldview of the world senator’s vaccination has been debated. The reason he did not get past the border guards in Australia is because he could not document that he has been vaccinated.

This led to a lengthy drama at the airport, where the Serb – who is looking for Australian Open title number ten and Grand Slam title number 21 overall – was placed under police surveillance and later transported to a quarantine hotel.

Outside the hotel, there have been demonstrations against Djokovic’s deprivation of liberty, which the Serbian president has also called “harassing”.

At home in Belgrade, there are also loud protests against the treatment of the Serb.

The Australian Prime Minister, for his part, has stated that rules are rules – even for the biggest sport in tennis right now.

The Australian Open begins on 17 January.

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