Wednesday, January 19

She has written a book about everything from incels to right-wing extremist terrorists.

Carline Tromp has written a guidebook to the outer right’s cultural struggle. She believes both the press and the left have slept through the digital warfare.

Carline Tromp came to Norway from the Netherlands in 2006 because she was fascinated by Norwegian bands like Madrugada and Kaizers. Now she is well established in Oslo with a husband, children, a journalist job – and winter tires on the bike.

This week marks one year since the US Congress was stormed by a mob of bear hats and weapons. Carline Trump is just one vocal away from the man who is accused of calling it all: Donald Trump.

However, the Norwegian-Dutch author is not a distant relative of the former president. On the contrary, she tries to see the culture war from the outside.

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