Monday, January 17

Snow chaos on the roads: – There will probably be more similar assignments in the next few hours

Trucks are struggling to get on the highways and cars have run off the road. On-duty meteorologist Håkon Gjelstad calls the night’s construction weather a “snow city area”.

The car drove out of the road at Sætrebakken and down a steep slope. Those who were in the car are taken to hospital with what appears to be minor injuries. There is no suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs.

There has been extremely much snow during the night, and the police in Oslo have been out on several car salvage assignments in the morning.

Several lorries have struggled to get on the motorways. Around 06.30, a trailer on a summer tire standing on a boom got stuck on the E6 at Trosterud. About an hour later, a car drove off the road and ended up in Sætraelva.

– There will probably be more similar assignments in the next few hours. Many roads have not been plowed, so we ask people to drive according to the conditions, says operations manager Rune Hekkelstrand in the Oslo police district to Aftenposten.

Press contact at Vegtrafikksentralen Tilia K. Mathré says that their crews have worked hard to clear Oslo’s roads in the last 24 hours.

– All of the crew have been out all night, but the snow settles again. They do the best they can, but it is a challenge when it does not stop snowing, she says.

Mathré encourages everyone who is on the road to adapt to the speed and make sure they have good tires.

«Snow town area»

On-duty meteorologist Håkon Gjelstad noticed the snow chaos when he was on his way to work on Saturday morning. He calls the night’s building weather a “snow city area”:

– The showers have merged around the Oslo Fjord, and then the snow weather becomes more intense. This has led to more snow locally than it looked like yesterday.

Gjelstad says that the snow weather will decrease during the day.

– But it will still snow. And there may be some precipitation on Sunday night.

It is not only Oslo that has experienced thunderstorms in the morning. The Agder area has also received large amounts of snow. In Western Norway, the precipitation has come in the form of rain.

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