Sunday, January 16

These 4 health benefits of sparkling water

A good alternative to sugary sodas, and tastier than ordinary plain water, sparkling water keeps you hydrated and has several benefits.

Aids digestion

It allows in particular to avoid some inconvenience, such as digestive discomfort. Indeed, sparkling water promotes intestinal transit and facilitates digestion. They are naturally rich in baking soda, a chemical compound known to regulate gastric acidity.

In case of heartburn, heartburn, or constipation, sparkling water is a good ally. However, in case of bloating or aerophagia, it is better to do without.

Rich in minerals

Like plain water, it is a source of calcium, which is good for the bone structure, and of magnesium, some more others (Rozana type). This essential mineral for the body plays an important role in the transmission of nerve impulses and muscle contraction.

As a reminder, a magnesium deficiency can lead to anxiety, sleep disorders and chronic fatigue.

Promotes weight loss

Another benefit of sparkling water: it helps to lose weight. Drinking sparkling water before a meal helps reduce appetite. But it is especially its nutrients that would be beneficial, such as magnesium, which promotes the elimination of fat, and baking soda.

You should know that a surplus of acidity tends to slow down the metabolism. As a result, the body burns less bad fat. However, as pointed out above, baking soda has an alkalizing effect, that is to say, it reduces acidity in the body.


By bringing the pH of the blood to a more neutral level, this sparkling drink improves blood circulation. If you are prone to heavy legs, for example, consuming sparkling water can be a good complementary treatment, provided you do not suffer from high blood pressure.

Certain sparkling waters are indeed particularly loaded with salt. This will have the effect of increasing the tension. It is therefore necessary to favor those which carry the mention “suitable for a diet low in sodium”, or simply stay with plain water.

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