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Young people will talk more about this in 2022

The answers in this case were collected between Wednesday 5 January at 4 pm and Thursday 6 January at 12 noon.

We asked our followers on Instagram. Here are the answers.

  • Say; D-editorial staff

    Say; D-editorial staff

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Mental health among boys, sex education and grade pressure are among the topics young people in Norway miss more debate about.

When we asked the young people on Instagram what they wanted to talk more about in 2022, it flowed in with answers.

Here you have a taste of what committed young people want to promote this year:

This you answered

“Make the shower wardrobe after the gym private to avoid body pressure!” William (16 years)

“Online hatred of committed youth. And July 22. ” Hedda (15 years)

“I have a syndrome, I’m bored and not flirtatious. No girls think I’m attractive. ” Jasim (21 years)

“Hatred, extremism, and equality in poor countries.” Camilla (16 years)

“Disability benefits and sick leave are used too much.” Edda (17 years)

“There is not enough talk about intoxication. Suddenly you are in solitary confinement for having taken a joint. ” Farzad (17 years)

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“To talk more openly about cancer and what it is like to be a relative.” Amalie (21 years)

“Mental health for boys and young men.” Kim (21 years)

“The fight for equality is not over, not even in Norway.” Røskva (16 years)

“The clothing industry must become more sustainable!” Sebastian (23 years)

“Grade pressure is found in the ‘star students’ as well.” Yasmine (14 years)

“How to stay safe online and in the face of all the digital.” Dominica (18 years)

«Better sex education in school. It must also include the LGBTQIA + community! ” Malin (17 years)

“Better politicians in the Storting.” Ole (18 years)

“The importance of freedom of expression, and how ‘cancel culture’ threatens it” Ingrid (22 years)

“The Consequences of Homeschooling!” Julie (17 years)

Be heard!

The pandemic is also felt in many ways with us in the Si; D editorial office. There are fewer posts in the inbox, because very many have enough of a tough time – with an involuntary amount of alone time. Then you do not get as much energy and commitment as otherwise from people around you.

Creativity is quickly suffocated by tight frames and a small horizon. We know it ourselves. Like many young people, we spend a lot of time in our home office and are constantly faced with uncertainty, change, and restrictions. At the same time, it is more monotonous.

It often goes on for days, sometimes weeks, without seeing each other other than on screen. And we do not meet you as often as we would like! This means that we must listen even more than before to what you think and what you want to think about. Every time we ask what you are passionate about, it catches fire. We did the same this week. And in this case, a few of the many answers.

Norway needs a wide range of votes, writes Ingeborg Senneset, who is a substitute for Si; D-responsible.

We hope others’ strong opinions, whims and small and large reflections will inspire and motivate you who read them. That you feel that hey, here is the small clique of people that you could otherwise meet in a schoolyard, at training or a nightclub. That all ideas ignite a spark. Because we – ie Norway – need a large range of votes. Of different ages, of all genders and different ethnicities. From everywhere. From all teams. From all points of view.

So write, draw or film your opinions. And feel free to contact us, a local newspaper or another editorial office where your voice can be heard! You are important.

– Ingeborg Senneset, Si; D-responsible (substitute), on behalf of the Si; D editorial staff

13-21 years? Do you want to say your opinion about something you are involved in? Say; D would love to hear from you. Send your post to [email protected] Here you can read more about submitting posts to us.

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