Friday, January 21

Finistere. Two police officers file complaint after being assaulted while off duty

Two police officers lodged a complaint in Brest (Finistère) following an “assault” while they were off duty.

According to the SGP Police-FO unit union, the two agents were assaulted on the evening of Friday January 7 in Brest. “Recognized as cops”, they were “insulted and beaten with batons by more than eight individuals”.

We hope for exemplary criminal responses

For its part, the Unsa-Police union reports “a policeman and a policewoman from Brest aged about forty who were out of service at the amusement park of Penfeld”, a district of Brest. “They were on their way to their vehicle when they were blocked by four hooded individuals who allegedly admitted they were police officers. The latter were quickly joined by eight other people, the group pulls out a baton and violently attacks the police, ”according to the union, adding that“ the two colleagues are awaiting a medical examination ”.

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“This act worries us greatly, it is the first time that Brest police officers have been attacked while out of service (…) We strongly condemn this aggression and we hope for exemplary criminal responses otherwise this type of aggression could multiply in France. future if the authors still benefit from as much leniency, ”adds the union.

The Brest prosecutor’s office, which confirmed having received the complaint from the two agents, for its part provided no details on the circumstances and the context of the incident. He also did not announce a possible hospitalization of the two police officers and possible days of prescribed ITT.

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