Tuesday, January 18

Guillaume Peltier announces his rallying to Eric Zemmour

Guillaume Peltier was the guest of Sonia Mabrouk in Le Grand Rendez-Vous, on CNEWS. The former spokesperson for the Republicans announced his support for Eric Zemmour for the 2022 presidential election. “The only candidate capable of beating Emmanuel Macron”, according to him.

“I made my decision with great seriousness and enthusiasm, I took the time to reflect and I measured the stakes”, he assured, estimating that the candidate of the Reconquest party! is the only one “fundamentally courageous and lucid on the state of French society”.

The deputy for Loir-et-Cher also sees in Eric Zemmour “the only candidate of the RPR”, the Gaullist party created by Jacques Chirac in the 1970s.

A spokesperson role

According to information from CNEWS, Guillaume Peltier will be present at the side of Eric Zemmour from tomorrow on the occasion of his wishes to the press. He will participate in a strategic meeting with the former polemicist and Philippe de Villiers and becomes spokesperson for the campaign.

Via a press release, Eric Zemmour let it be known that this rallying of the former number 2 of LR is “a turning point” in the campaign, a major act for “the union of the rights”.

A regular of right-wing parties

For her part, Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour’s main opponent on the far right of the political spectrum, deemed this rally “insignificant”. According to her, Guillaume Peltier has too often “changed dairy” to be credible.

Aged 45, Peltier began his political career at the National Front, joining the National Youth Front (FNJ) in 1996. Five years later, he joined Philippe de Villiers’ Movement for France, before finally joining the UMP (which would later become Les R├ępublicains) in 2011.


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