Wednesday, January 19

Hedvig Montgomery:

The world is full of good advice on child rearing. So why do none of them affect your child?

  • Hedvig Montgomery

    Psychologist and family therapist

  • Emily Eldridge


Lars’ parents get a lot of advice. So many that they become completely exhausted. Lars is nine years old, but from an early age there has always been “something”. They have worried, they have read, they have tried almost everything. But it seems that all good advice works badly on Lars.

“You just have to let him scream, get used to him not getting his way,” some say. And that makes sense. Showing that you are the boss is needed from time to time. Others say the right thing to do is to go in and out of the nursery at ever-longer intervals, so he gets used to you always coming back. It also makes sense; security through experience.

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