Tuesday, January 18

Live. Presidential 2022: Taubira on the ground again this Sunday

11:03 am: Taubira on the field again

Christiane Taubira, in Seine-Saint-Denis on Sunday, continues the suspense over her possible candidacy: the next few days will be decisive for their camp. The former Minister of Justice of François Hollande has fixed for “January 15 at the latest” the announcement of his decision on a possible candidacy.

Deploring the current “deadlock” on the left, Christiane Taubira no longer hides her ambitions so much, and is traveling this Sunday to Bondy, in support of Sylvine Thomassin, union candidate of the left for the new municipal election in the city. Thursday, the former minister was in Ariège for a visit on the theme of the environment and agriculture and in the Yvelines on Friday in support of teachers in the face of the health crisis.

11:02 am: Pécresse chastises Macron… and Zemmour tackles Pécresse

“I offer a case of cider to those who find in me a real fundamental difference between Valérie Pécresse and Emmanuel Macron”, Eric Zemmour launched on Saturday in Les Sables d’Olonnes. If the LR candidate “refuses to debate” with him, it is because “she is afraid that the voters of LR will discover her true face”, that “of a true centrist and a true conformist”. he adds.

It is the president in place that I want to unbolt

Valerie Pécresse

For her part, Valérie Pécresse targeted Emmanuel Macron: “France is too fragile today for a pyromaniac president”, estimated the LR candidate on Saturday at a press conference. “I fight the extremes just as much, but it is the president in place that I want to debunk”, assured Valérie Pécresse.

11 am: Welcome to this live dedicated to political news and the campaign for the 2022 presidential election.


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