Tuesday, January 18

Maddie McCann disappears: the main suspect has an alibi

According to a new investigation carried out on the occasion of an upcoming documentary on the disappearance of little Maddie McCann in 2007, the main suspect had an alibi.

These new advances made by British private detectives risk compromising the latest developments in the case of little Maddie McCann. As a reminder, fourteen years ago, the almost four-year-old girl disappeared while on vacation in Portugal with her family.

And while neither her body had been found, not even her DNA, the German justice had recently made it known, to be convinced “at 100% to have finally identified the murderer of the little girl”. According to the prosecutor in charge of the case, Christian Brueckner was “the man who kidnapped and killed her”.

But as revealed The Sun, according to this new investigation led by former Surrey Police Detective Mark Williams-Thomas, the 44-year-old main suspect was not at the Praia da Luz complex the night the little girl went missing .

“It was 30 minutes away”

The TV crew, which spent months in Portugal and Germany, also found new witnesses in both countries, casting doubt on the main suspect’s guilt. A source told the Sun: “They concluded that Christian Brueckner could not have snatched Madeleine. He was 30 minutes away and was not on the phone in Praia da Luz the night she disappeared ”.

A conclusion which deconstructs that of the German authorities. They say the phone records showed the prime suspect near the scene of little Maddie’s disappearance.

This new survey, divided into three parts, will be broadcast later this year on the English TV channel Channel 5.


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