Friday, January 28

New York: at least 19 dead including 9 children in building fire

At least 19 people, including 9 children, died in the fire in a building located in the Bronx, New York (United States), this Sunday, January 9.

The fire, the origin of which is still unknown, would have started around 11 a.m. in this 19-story building, the city’s firefighters announced.

About 200 firefighters were called in to tackle the flames of New York’s deadliest blaze in 30 years.

In footage circulating on social media, huge flames and thick black smoke billowed in the morning from a window of a multi-story building in the Bronx, a huge neighborhood in upstate New York.

Many injured

According to the emergency services, 32 people suffered fatal injuries during the tragedy.

Present at the scene, Eric Adams, the mayor of the city described this event as “a horrible and painful moment for New York”.

For his part, the New York Fire Marshal said authorities “expected there to be many deaths.”

He also said his men had “found victims on every floor” of the building.

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