Monday, January 17

Oussama Atar was the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels.

The United States is said to have killed him, but he is still not officially confirmed dead. The trial against him, his brother and 18 other defendants is now ongoing in Paris.

  • Vibeke Knoop Rachline
    Vibeke Knoop Rachline

    Journalist i Paris

On April 29, 2019, Caliph Abou Bakr al-Baghdadi published a video on the encrypted network Telegram. IS’s top leader lamented the lost battle of Baghouz, the last IS-controlled area in Syria. He thanked the warriors, said he would avenge the martyrs and promised to continue fighting against the West. With a AK-47 machine gun by his side, he highlighted some of his best men.

One of them was Abou Yassir al-Belgicki – or Belgian-Moroccan Oussama Atar. Unknown to the rest of the world, but not to Belgian intelligence. A 33-year-old with a long terror record, a jihad veteran and a very sensitive point for the Belgian authorities.

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