Tuesday, January 25

The body of a child found off a Greek island

The body of a child was found this Saturday, January 8 off the Greek island of Naxos, two weeks after the sinking of two boats carrying migrants.

The child was about three years old. He wore a pacifier hanging from a string with beads, a printed bib, and a blue striped sock on his right foot. The coast guard said in a statement that an autopsy would be carried out at the port of Piraeus.

On January 6, the bodies of a man, a woman and two young girls were also found near Naxos, in the Cyclades archipelago.

Two shipwrecks

These terrible tragedies are potentially due to the sinking of two boats that transported migrants two weeks ago. On December 24, the coast guard rescued 63 people aboard a boat near the island of Paros, neighboring Naxos. 16 other people were killed in the Aegean Sea. The boat had left the western Turkish coast, with Italy as its destination.

The day before, on December 23, a boat with a hundred migrants on board ran aground on an islet in the north of the island of Antikythera. 90 people – including 27 children – were rescued, but coast guards found 11 dead bodies in the Aegean Sea.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that “more than 2,500 people died or disappeared while trying to cross the Mediterranean or the North African sea route” to reach Europe between January and November 2021.


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