Sunday, January 16

Vaccine pass: threats to elected officials in favor of the text are increasing

With the debate on the vaccine pass in the National Assembly, several elected officials were threatened with death. But, many do not want to give in to anger and will file a complaint. Pascal Bois, deputy La République En Marche de l’Oise, paid the price at the end of December.

For several weeks, the intimidation of opponents against the vaccine pass has been increasing towards elected officials in favor of the text.

In an anonymous email, addressed to Agnès Firmin Le Bodo, the tone is set: “I’m seriously thinking of beheading you”, threatens the author. On our antenna, last Monday, the deputy of Agir Ensemble called for “protecting democracy”.

Faced with these threats, a referent has been appointed to the National Assembly, to collect reports and advise deputies.

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