Tuesday, January 18

Var: Near a college, a wolf sows panic and attacks a herd

Not far from the Gustave-Roux college in Hyères, located in the Var, a shepherd noticed that a wolf attack took place on Friday January 7, causing the death of one of his lambs.

After discovering an injured animal, two runners alerted the owners of the land where it was located, who in turn notified the shepherd of the flock. “The injuries are significant. It can only be a wolf. He grabbed the animal by the neck. There are frank bites and it ate the heart, ”said the shepherd, Thomas Charrier, to Var-Matin. And according to him, “the wolf is no longer afraid and is getting closer”.

A finding that matches the observations given by the agent of the French Office and Biodiversity (OFB), who also came to the scene. According to him, the intrusion took place on Friday around 6 a.m., on land located a hundred meters from the Gustave Roux college, the swimming pool of Hyères Les Palmiers and the Parc Olbius Riquier.

And as detailed by the breeder, “despite a low wall, a fence, electrified nets and the presence of a dog”, the wolf attacked the herd made up of a hundred ewes and lambs. grazing in a field, located only about fifty meters from a house.

This is not the first attack

Var-Matin reports “that around twenty packs would be present in the Var department, with a hard core in the Canjuers camp”. This is not therefore the first attack by a canine, whose breeder had already recorded significant losses in his herd, in 2017.

More recently, the breeder reported two other incidents that occurred in October and November. And despite the presence of a shepherd and a protection dog, the attack had taken place during the day and “the wolves had killed six full sheep in the two episodes”.

These intrusions will certainly not help wolves restore the bad reputation they have had for centuries. If as explained in the WWF, the organization which fights for the environment and sustainable development, “the wolf is in fact a fearful and discreet species”, it is necessary to believe that its need to feed itself to survive, like any living being, pushes it from now on to get closer to spaces occupied by humans.


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