Monday, January 24

Here is the best chocolate mousse according to 60 million consumers

In its January issue, 60 million consumers are interested in desserts found in stores. And it thus distinguishes the best chocolate mousse sold in supermarkets.

For this dossier which will be of interest to all lovers of sweet pleasures, the magazine has studied some fifty references available on the shelves, and more precisely 13 different chocolate mousse. And he could see that, if the traditional recipe comes down to chocolate, eggs, butter and sugar, the manufacturers sometimes stray too far.

As usual, 60 million consumers have developed this comparison by studying the composition of products. Thus, the presence of additives, flavors and sweeteners, the absence of eggs, or too much sugar and / or salt are bad points.

Too sweet chocolate mousse

Once all these criteria had been analyzed, it was therefore necessary to designate a big winner. And the best chocolate mousse according to 60 million consumers is the Intense Dark Chocolate Mousse from the Bonne Maman brand.

Note that some products with “natural” composition have been downgraded because of too much sugar. “No reference in our sample falls into the ‘very good’ category, which we have defined as being less than 40 kcal per individual jar,” the magazine said.

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