Tuesday, January 25

POLICY / Territorial elections: Jules Charville confirms his candidacy – Faxinfo

“To the question you are asking yourself and asking me, the answer is yes.” Yes, Jules Charville will be a candidate in the next territorial elections which will take place in March, he confirmed to local media that he invited Thursday morning to an establishment on the beach in Orient Bay to present his wishes for 2022. He will lead a new Generation Hope list.

As in 2017, Jules Charville will defend the political projects of his association Generation Hope. If some of his colleagues in the territorial council left their party to create a new rally *, the leader of Generation Hope indeed wanted to continue the work he had started.

He justifies his decision to present himself by the context of the crisis that Saint-Martin has been experiencing for several months. “Especially on the political level with the Afa report, the Gibbs trial, the explosion of the majority, etc. “, He quoted. “The State tells us every day: Saint-Martin is seriously behind schedule, not for lack of financial resources but for lack of capacity to mobilize national and European aid and human resources on the territory”, added Jules Charville who is finalizing his team. He will reveal the names of his list by the end of January

* Louis Mussington, leader of the MJP in 2017, created the Saint-Martin Gathering at the end of 2021. (soualigapost.com)


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